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Cruising Sector
Today the Company owns in total 7 Cruise Ships. It operates 2 and 3 Day cruises from Cyprus as well as 5-12 day cruises from Cyprus, Genoa, Marseille, London Tilbury and Piraeus to the Aegean, Eastern, Central and Western Meditteranean as well as to the Baltic Sea and the Iberian Peninsula respectively.  
The largest three ships of the fleet, namely the “Emerald”, “Thomson Spirit” and “Thomson Destiny” are currently chartered to Thomson Cruises, which is owned by TUI, the largest tour operator in the world. As from 2006 the “Arielle” is chartered to Transocean, a German Cruise Company for a period of five years.  
These agreements have significantly strengthened the position of Louis plc as one of the major cruise companies internationally and have resulted not only in the significant increase of revenues and profits, but also helped reduce dependence on the Eastern Mediterranean cruise market.
All Louis plc ships are refurbished and upgraded continuously to maintain the highest standards of quality and service. The management of both the technical and the hotel operations of the ships are carried out in-house as the knowledge and experience of the Company covers all facets of cruise ship management.  
The high standard of services offered by Louis plc attracts governments and international organisations to use the ships as floating hotels for major international events. For example, Louis ships were among others used for the Head of States G8 meeting, International Exhibition in Lisbon, and the NATO conference, in Naples.
Hotel Sector
Louis plc expanded its activities into hotels in June 2000. The Company currently owns 99,6% of Louis Hotels Public Company Ltd, which in turn owns and/or operates 20 hotels (10 in Greece and 10 in Cyprus). All of them are either four or five star and the total number of beds being operated by Louis Hotels is approximately 13.000. Most of the hotels are either owned by Louis Hotels or under long-term leases.
Louis Hotels was founded at the beginning of the 1940s under the umbrella of Louis Tourist Agency. The late Louis Loizou started the Company’s hotel activities by purchasing the Hotel "Semmering" in the mountain resorts of Cyprus. The "Grand Hotel" in Platres was then leased and later the Louis Hotel on Ledra Street in Nicosia was purchased. In 1969 the "Ledra Palace" hotel a Nicosia landmark was purchased. One of the most important developments in the history of the Company was its expansion in Greece, which began in 1992, with the management of the hotel "Creta Paradise Resort Hotel" at Chania in Crete. Today the company operates 14 hotels in Greece most of them fully owned, making the Company the second largest hotel chain in Greece and the largest in both Cyprus and Greece together.  
As a company with a successful presence in the tourism and hotel industry for more than 65 years, Louis Hotels Public Company Limited can be rightly proud of its contribution towards improving the quality of accommodation in both Cyprus and Greece.   Louis Hotels is known for the care with which it treats its customers and the constant upgrading of services.
The acquisition of The Cyprus Tourism Development Public Company Ltd in 2001, owner of the Hilton Cyprus Hotel in Nicosia, and the agreement signed in December 2002 with Hilton International for the management of Hilton Park Nicosia, of Louis Hotels, strengthened considerably the Company's city hotels, offering upgraded services and facilities for business meetings and conferences.