Social Responsibility



Louis Group, that recently signed the “European Road Safety Charter”, presented today during a press conference the action that will be taken so as to promote road safety to both Cypriots and other European nationals and to urge for the development of a road safety conscience.



The press conference was honored with the presence of the two Ministers of the Republic of Cyprus responsible for road safety matters, namely the Minister of Communications & Works and the Minister of Justice & Public Order. Also present was the Chief of the Cyprus Police Force. In his opening speech, the Vice-President of Louis Group, Mr. Vakis Loizou stated that the Group considered the fact that it was contacted and asked to sign the Charter as multinational, large company based in Cyprus, as an honor. Despite the fact that the Group’s activities are focused on all facets of tourism and are not directly related to road safety, the management’s first thoughts regarded the many lives that are so tragically lost both in Cyprus and in Europe and especially the number of youths who end their life on the road. This was the main reason behind the company’s decision to get involved in such a noble cause and proceed with an intensive campaign.

The “European Road Safety Charter” is a programme that was founded by the Vice-President of the European Commission Mr. Jacques Barrot and aims at reducing the number of casualties resulting from road accidents in Europe by 25.000, hence the slogan “25.000 lives to save”. The Commission and the programme seek the contribution of multinational companies, other companies, state and local authorities in the struggle for road safety awareness.

In short, the actions that will be taken by the Louis Group are the following:

  1. The height of the campaign will be the large concert by Greece’s leading and very popular singer Alkistis Protopsalti on July 7th 2008 in the center of Nicosia, the proceeds of which will be donated to the “Road Safety Initiative Group”. The said group is made of volunteers who went through and still experience the tragic consequences of a road accident. For the past 14 years they are involved in a campaign, visiting schools, military camps and other social groups in an effort to enlighten the public and especially the younger generation and make them appreciate the importance of driving safely. LGS Handling, a Louis subsidiary, provides ground handling services to more than 1,800,000 passengers at the international airports of Larnaca and Paphos in Cyprus. To all these passengers, a special leaflet on road safety will be handed to them along with their boarding pass.
  2. The same leaflet will be handed to all the customers booking their flights and holidays with Louis Tourist Agency that maintains a network of outlets nationwide.
  3. The aforementioned leaflet with the message: “Once Upon A Time…” describing a fairytale with an unhappy end of someone who drank and drove, will also be placed in the cabins of the 350,000 passengers that sail with the Louis Cruise Lines cruise ships, along with their cruise program.
  4. An advert with the same message has been published in “Memories” magazine, the in-house publication of Louis Hotels that is provided freely to the hundreds of thousands of tourists and locals that stay in the Group’s 21 hotels in Greece and Cyprus.
  5. Leaflets of the same nature have also been placed in front of the seats of the Louis fleet of buses that transfer hundreds of thousands of tourists every year around the island.
  6. A 30’’ TV spot will be broadcasted on all TV stations in Cyprus while an advert will be published in all nationwide newspapers and magazines.
  7. On all Louis Group websites, a banner has been placed linking them with the European Road Safety Charter official website on the internet.
  8. The Group has purchased 100,000 round stickers used for the display of the road circulation licenses and has printed on them the logo of the European Road Safety Charter with the message “DRIVE SAFELY”. These will be handed free of charge to Cypriots and tourists alike.

The two Ministers saluted the Group’s initiative to get involved in such a campaign and they underlined the strenuous efforts conducted by both Ministries to promote road safety awareness and reduce the number of road accidents.

In his closing statement, Mr. Loizou congratulated the two Ministries and the Cyprus Police Force for the truly worthy and continuous work that they are conducting, thanked the media in Cyprus for embracing this initiative and underlined the wish of all involved in this effort for the reduction of road accident related casualties.